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Welcome to our final conference 19th of May
Welcome to our final conference 19th of May

Final Conference

Tid 19 Maj 2022 09:00 – 11:10

Plats Teams meeting

2019 the project Bothnia Nutrient Recycling began surveying the amount of digestate and existing knowledge in the Botnia-Atlantica region. We then investigated how to improve the efficiency of composting, the presence of microplastics, and how quickly pharmaceuticals break down. Experimental cultivations in both Finland and Sweden have shown how well the different digestate products work as fertilizers for different crops. We can now also present assessments of recycling techniques and an initial market introduction for established and new products.

We invite you to our presentation of the project results.

        THURSDAY 19 MAY 2022
        Teams meeting
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09.00     Welcome and presentation of the project group
09.10      A film about the project in Finland, 
              Nutrient recovery at Stormossen, 
             Johan Saarela and Emelia Holmström, Ab Stormossen Oy
09.35    Microplastics and pharmaceutical residues in digestate, 
Viveka Öling-Wärnå and Nina Åkerback, Novia UAS
10.00     Short break
10.10     A film about the project in Sweden
             Fertilization experiments with digestate products, Cecilia Palmborg,
             Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
10.35    EU-regulations: future for biogas production - Opportunities and obstacles
             Anders Magnusson, Nitoves
11.00     Final words
11.10      End 
              Moderator: Ida Norberg, BioFuel Region

The project is conducted by Stormossen in Finland and runs from 2019 to 2022. The funding of 933,681 euro comes from the Botnia-Atlantica programme, Region Västerbotten, Region Västernorrland, Ostrobothnia Regional Council, Härnösands Energi & Miljö and VAKIN. In Finland, the project’s partners are Ab Stormossen Oy and Novia University of Applied Sciences, and in Sweden BioFuel Region and SLU.

Contact: johan.saarela@stormossen.fi




Barbro Kalla

Barbro Kalla

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